bodybuilding shorts for men

Choosing the right bodybuilding shorts for men requires more than just style. They need to be comfortable, lightweight, and have the right fit. There are plenty of options out there.

Some of the best workout shorts come from brands that aren’t very well known. For instance, Outdoor Voices offers a wide selection of shorts in several different colors and fits. They also feature anti-odor tech. They are machine washable, making them a breeze to clean.

Another brand that makes quality workout shorts is Saxx. Their Gainmaker shorts come in nine-inch inseams, a good length for lifting. They have a built-in compression liner, plenty of pockets, and a high quality build.

If you’re looking for a more casual look, try the Pace Breaker shorts. They have a casual look, but they have a pouch for support. They also feature Luleulemon’s OOM fabric for optimal support.


Another brand that makes quality workout shorts for men is Saxx. Their Gainmaker shorts have a light-compression mesh liner for optimal support. They have a nine-inch inseam, which can be bulky for weight lifting. But they have a high quality build and a full-zip smartphone hip pocket.

If you’re looking for shirts, shorts, or tops, Born Tough has you covered. They have a variety of shorts with built-in liners, as well as tops with built-in compression legs. They’re available in a variety of colors, including olive green, grey, and white. They also offer a wide selection of tops, including t-shirts, tank tops, and long-sleeved shirts.

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