How Much Does a Tree Removal Cost Near Me?

tree removal cost near me

The cost of tree removal is based on several factors, including height, location, accessibility and type of equipment required. Taller trees are more expensive, as are those near active power lines. The cost can also increase if the tree is in poor condition, fragile or needs to be removed in an emergency.

Some trees pose a higher risk of breaking during removal, and these may require extra safety measures to protect the property. Other factors that increase the cost are disease and pest infestation. Trees that are near homes or other structures also tend to pose higher costs. So, you must be aware of these factors before you hire a tree removal service.

Large trees with thick trunks can cost up to $1000. On the other hand, smaller, thinner-twigged trees will cost between $150 and $500. A tree that is easier to cut through will cost less. Also, a tree hanging over a house is more difficult to remove. That will add more time and labor to the total tree removal cost near me.

When you hire a company to remove a tree, you’ll also likely have to pay for stump removal as well. This extra step can increase the cost of the project, so make sure to check for pricing before hiring a company.