customisable bund lining options

Customisable bund lining options is essential to ensure secondary containment should the storage tank burst or other liquid leak. However, it’s important to select the right material for the environment and the chemicals stored – different materials have differing chemical resistances.

Here at Strandek we are able to offer a range of chemical-resistant linings and coatings to protect bund walls and surfaces, which are optimised for the operating environment and the chemicals stored within it. This helps to prevent leaking and contaminating the operating area if the tank bursts or the bund fails.

The linings and coatings we offer are glass reinforced plastic (fibreglass) linings, polyurethane lining systems and epoxy bund linings. Each of these offers a wide range of coating options and varying levels of chemical resistance. They are also designed to be long lasting and cope well with structural movement stress cracking.

Tailored Defense: The Power of Customizable Bund Lining Options

This is a key point as it can often be difficult to line old concrete and brick bunds, especially those with damage and wear issues that have arisen through poor concrete repair techniques or severe exposure to chemicals and weathering. This is because these problems can lead to structural damage or fluid egress, which in turn leads to a failed primary and secondary containment – resulting in environmental damage and breaching Environment Agency pollution guidelines – costing you tens of thousands.

The best way to avoid this is to use the Sean Carr Lining tank base liner solution, which involves building the tanks on top of a geomembrane liner that extends 1.5m out beyond the tank construction. This will provide a robust secondary containment and can be welded to the existing bund walls.

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