Getting a pedicure vancouver – is important to keep your feet looking good and healthy. It’s an effective way to detect the early signs of foot problems like corns or fungal infections. It also helps maintain the moisture in your feet and keeps them hydrated. The exfoliation and foot massage also help reduce the accumulation of dead skin cells, thereby helping prevent calluses or bunions from developing.

What is included in a full pedicure?

Most pedicures follow a similar procedure, starting with a warm foot bath, followed by the application of a foot scrub and foot mask, then trimming and buffing your nails, cuticles, and heels. Then, your nails are painted (usually with a clear polish) and the entire foot is moisturized. During a spa pedicure, the treatment is longer and more detailed-oriented, with additional treatments such as a hot towel wrap, foot and calf massage, and paraffin wax dip.

Their nail techs are friendly and observant, and they always do a great job of listening to their customers. They also have a huge selection of nail colours, including some fun ones like chrome holographic ones.

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