Hippie crasher strain is a powerful indica dominant hybrid that brings together the best of Wedding Cake X Kush Mints to deliver a potent, fast-acting bud. It comes on strong and fast, bringing on a creative buzz that leaves you feeling happy and sociable.

Flavor and Aroma:

Hippy Crasher has a sweet and fruity berry cake flavor with a light nutty minty cookie exhale. The smell is a mix of sweet cherries and sharp mint with hints of spicy nuts.


When you inhale hippie crasher you’ll experience a psychedelic high that is similar to that of a sativa. You’ll feel a spacey, distorted sensory perception that causes you to lose touch with time and certain sights and sounds.


You’ll find a tingling sensation on the top of your head that can cause you to feel a bit dizzy. This is a common side effect of this strain and can occur at higher doses.

Medical Benefits:

With its euphoric and relaxing effects, hippie crasher strain is ideal for treating chronic stress, depression, mood swings, loss of appetite or nausea, as well as chronic pain or insomnia. Its 21-22% average THC level makes it a good choice for patients looking for an effective cannabis strain to help them deal with their symptoms.

Hippy Crasher is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by the renowned Jungle Boys, a seed bank with more than 30 years of experience based in Los Angeles specializing in premium and exotic strains. With superstar genetics, this strain’s sweet, fruity, and nutty flavour and exceptional effects make it stand tall alone all on its own.

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