The cost of a tennis court depends on the surface type, installation, and optional add-ins. The court surface itself will be the biggest expense, and a high-quality option can increase the initial cost significantly. The type of surface will also impact maintenance costs and frequency. Source:

Tennis court construction costs are a considerable investment and should be done by a professional contractor. It’s important to get multiple estimates before selecting a company for the job. Compare prices, timelines, and quality to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Full-size tennis courts require a large space. In addition to the court area, you’ll need enough space for players to run and maneuver, as well as a nearby area for spectators. The minimum space for a regulation tennis court is 78 by 27 feet, and that’s before accounting for additional run-back and surrounding areas.

Choosing the Right Tennis Court Surface: Impact on Cost

Depending on the surface type, you’ll need other accessories like tennis nets and court lights to prevent balls from leaving the play area. The nets are typically made of braided polyethylene and fastened to posts in the center of the court. Court lighting is essential for night games and may be included in the installation or purchased separately.

Other court accessories can include other game lines, rebounders, and more. While these are not necessary installations, they can enhance your court’s functionality and aesthetic. Tennis domes are another popular accessory, as they protect players from the elements and allow you to extend your outdoor playing season.

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