A pbn setup is a collection of domains that are used to create backlinks for a money site. Usually, the network is created by purchasing expired domains with high SEO authority, and then posting basic content that includes links to the money site. This process is time consuming and can be costly, but it offers a great return on investment if executed correctly.

Once the PBN is established, it is important to make the link profile look natural and diverse. This can be done by varying the anchor text on each of the sites in the network, and by linking to other reputable, non-competing websites. Using outbound links in your pbn setup helps the overall structure of your network look more legitimate, and will help reduce your risk of getting flagged by search engines.

PBN Setup Guide: Building a Private Blog Network for SEO Success

It is also important to use a variety of keywords in the content on your PBN sites, and to include these keywords in various places within the article. This will ensure that the links to your money site are spread evenly across the content on each page, and it will also make them more likely to pass manual review by Google’s human review team.

Another way to improve the quality of your pbn is to invest in the best possible hosting. A good hosting provider, like Seekahost, will allow you to host your pbn on unique IP addresses, making it difficult for Google’s reviewers to identify that the sites are connected.

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