A smartwatch is a watch that can do many things like tracking fitness, checking notifications and making calls. Some smartwatches require a smartphone to access its features. Others have cellular connectivity and can be used independently.

Some of the main functions that smart watches without Bluetooth provide are reminders, notifications, music playback and heart rate monitoring. Depending on the model, a smartwatch can also display maps and provide directions. Some even come with

a microphone and speaker so that they can be operated using voice commands.

While some of these features are useful, the most important is being able to receive and respond to phone calls. Whether it’s answering a call, rejecting a call or simply responding to a message, the ability to answer a phone call on a smartwatch is a huge benefit for people who don’t want to constantly be holding their phones.

Most smartwatches can also be used to manage media playback for smartphones, such as controlling the volume and changing tracks. Some models have onboard storage for playing music directly on the device, while others can connect to wireless headphones.

Some smartwatches use Wi-Fi to communicate with the smartphone, allowing them to work without Bluetooth. This feature is useful when the watch is out of range of the smartphone or if it’s on a different network. In addition, Wi-Fi connections are usually more secure than Bluetooth connections, which can be susceptible to hacking. However, users should be aware that the Wi-Fi connection may not be as reliable as Bluetooth when it comes to syncing and receiving notifications.

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