Whether you’re a diehard TikTok fan who likes to dress up as a character called Dr Bae, a plastic surgeon with a booming YouTube practice, or someone who’s just trying to lose weight, you may have heard about the wonder drug Ozempic. Known by the brand name Ozempic, this injectable drug is part of a new class of drugs called GLP-1 agonists that are transforming the treatment of diabetes and obesity.More info :https://www.erecept.pl/article/charakterystyka-produktow-leczniczych/96-ozempic

It’s no secret why ozempic and a newer similar drug, Mounjaro, are all the rage; they’re being touted as miracle drugs that can make anyone slim down. But there are some real-world concerns about long-term use, including how safe they are during pregnancy and other conditions such as pancreatitis, kidney disease, and gallbladder disease.

Breaking Down the Research: The Latest Studies on Ozempic

As a result, the FDA has issued warnings about these medications and limits on their use. You can buy ozempic only with a prescription from your doctor and you must store it properly, as instructed. It’s typically injected under the skin (subcutaneous injection), in the abdomen, thigh or upper arm. You can give yourself the injection on your own, or you can have it injected at home by a healthcare provider. You must have regular injections each week, on the same day every week.

There are limited studies on this medicine and pregnancy, so it’s important to talk with your doctor if you plan to become pregnant or are pregnant. This medicine can harm an unborn baby, so you should not take it during pregnancy unless the benefit outweighs the risk to your health.

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