School canopy are budget-friendly, space optimising solutions that allow schools to maximise outdoor learning and activities. They provide protection from the weather and create a more comfortable environment for students. They can also be designed to include side panels, doors and heating, creating a fully functional extra room for use all year round.

Adding a sheltered area can improve a variety of areas around the school, from providing cover for lunch time to offering a social area or covered walkways. It can be a great way to encourage students to enjoy the outdoors – it’s been shown that children learn better when they are outside and canopies help make this possible, regardless of the weather.

Creating Welcoming Environments: Exploring School Canopies

The most popular type of school canopy is a tensile membrane structure. This consists of a steel or aluminium framework that is stretched with a waterproof polycarbonate roof. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes. It is quick and easy to install and requires little maintenance.

Another option is to opt for a fabric canopy, which comes in many different styles. Shade sails, for example, are a common feature in school playgrounds. They resemble large sails and are suspended between ‘uprights’, which are usually steel poles. They can be either square or rectangular in shape and can vary in size depending on the look required.

Other fabric canopies include a curved canopy or a wave canopy, which is a series of rounded or angled beams that create a striking architectural effect. They are quick and easy to fit, with no need for posts to be driven into the ground and can also offer a range of colour options.

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