snapchat business manager

Snapchat has snapchat business manager a self-serve ad manager to help businesses better track and manage results. The app’s dashboard can be accessed on desktop or mobile and includes a variety of metrics, including eCPSU – the effective cost per swipe up – which Snapchat believes is more accurate than traditional metric, CTR (clickthrough rate).

To get started with the new tool, businesses need to create a Snapchat Business Account and Public Profile for business (don’t use your personal account). You can find everything you need to know about creating an ad and using Snapchat’s new ads manager here.

Mastering Snapchat Business Manager: A Comprehensive Guide for Advertisers

Once you have a business account, you can access Snapchat ads manager from the global navigation menu on the left. From here, you can select ad accounts to view performance data, monitor metrics, and campaign delivery and outcomes.

You can also use the new tools in ad managers to build audiences, and optimize campaigns. For example, you can create Custom Audiences by adding lists of Snapchatters that are unique to your brand, product or service. These can then be used to target Snapchat ads that are most relevant to those customers.

Snapchat is also offering Ads Manager features like Instant Create and Advanced Create, which allow you to build ad campaigns that are specific to your needs. Instant Create offers a simplified way to create a single image or video ad, while Advanced Create is built for in-depth campaigns and has the ability to enable the Snap Pixel so you can measure and optimize toward your goals.

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