most secure password manager 2016

Best password manager pc help you store all your passwords, usernames, credit card information and other sensitive data in a single, secure location with only one master password to unlock it. They use military-grade end-to-end encryption systems to ensure that only you can access your passwords. So, if you’re worried about hackers and the government spying on your online activities, a password manager is an excellent solution for you.

These apps also make it easier for you to autofill passwords on multiple devices and browsers. They can generate strong, unbreakable passwords and remind you to change weak ones. They can even scan the dark web for leaked passwords and alert you when yours have been compromised.

Mastering Cyber Hygiene: A Beginner’s Guide to Safeguarding Your Digital World

The best password managers work on any operating system, including Windows, macOS and iOS. Some are cross-platform, meaning that they sync your vault across multiple devices and browsers via a cloud storage service. The most popular one is LastPass, which has millions of users worldwide. Unfortunately, it suffered a major breach in 2022. Fortunately, other password managers like mSecure and Enpass have come up to take its place.

The best password managers are transparent about how they protect your passwords, with some offering third-party auditing. Some are open source, and some even offer a free plan. They should also make sure that your passwords are never stored in plain text and that they’re encrypted using a strong cipher, such as AES-256. This prevents any cybercriminal from cracking the cryptic key and gaining access to your passwords and other sensitive data.

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