the real world andrew tate

The real-world login Andrew Tate is a program that offers online courses and mentoring programs focused on entrepreneurship, male confidence and financial success. The program is the successor of Hustlers University and is marketed as a global community with members paying monthly fees starting at $50 per month for access to educational videos and networking with like-minded individuals. The marketing for the program includes testimonials from men claiming that Tate’s teachings have enabled them to make six figures online.

But the program has come under scrutiny for its shady business practices and misogynistic beliefs. Its emphasis on men assuming a dominant position over women is similar to language used by cult leaders and has been described as dangerously outdated gender ideology. The program also endorses shady business practices like multi-level marketing, fake social media profiles and drop shipping scams – all unethical, illegal and unsustainable tactics that could get followers into legal trouble in the long run.

Andrew Tate’s Unconventional Wisdom for Conquering the Real World

It also pays its members to aggressively promote the site through content on sites like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram Reels by flooding these platforms with repurposed video content of Tate along with a link to sign up for the program, earning 48 percent of sales commission for every new member recruited through their efforts. This is a clear violation of Facebook’s and Twitter’s community guidelines and reflects a dangerous, exploitative culture that could put vulnerable people at risk.

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