When sending email to your audience, you can choose between plain text or html. Both email formats can be effective, but each has different characteristics and advantages that can benefit your business. The type of email you choose to send should be based on your brand requirements, audience preferences and technical aspects to ensure optimal delivery and performance.

Exterior Painting is often perceived as a promotional avenue, but the heart of email is the personal connection with your subscribers and customers. The email they receive shouldn’t feel flashy or salesy, but rather like a 1-to-1 conversation with your brand. Emails with too much visual design can sometimes be seen as spam, which is why plain text emails are the safest option for most brands.

The input> element of type email allows for the portrayal of elements such as text colors, font styles and in-text links to enhance your message with visually appealing content. HTML emails, on the other hand, are designed to be compatible across all platforms and devices, and allow you to incorporate additional elements such as images and multimedia content to increase engagement.

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Whether you choose to use the HTML or plain text email format will depend on your branding goals and audience preferences. If you need advanced functionality with adjustable text options such as bolding or italics, the HTML format is the best choice. Alternatively, if you only require basic formatting to guide your readers, the plain text format is a good option.

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